Bobbi Brown – Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow

Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow - BronzeShimmer Wash Eye Shadow - Bronze

I was introduced to Bobbi Brown products 3 years back. My first product was their very famous gel eye liner and the color I had was black. A few months back I got a Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in ‘Bronze’ as a gift from a friend. It’s a lovely color, especially for my skin tone (NC37). My initial reaction was not really great, it was like a love hate relationship, but as I used this I’m falling in love with it. It has become one of my frequently used eye shadow especially for the Indian festival season. I think for all the festivities it’s a perfect color. I used it and even after parting and dancing it did not budge.

The packaging is perfect. It comes in a sleek compact with a flip top cover.

Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow - BronzeShimmer Wash Eye Shadow - Bronze

I use it all over my lids, just make sure not to overdo it and use a think winged black eye liner and complete the look by generous coats of mascara.
Whenever I go to Delhi I will visit the Bobbi Brown store and for sure pick up another shade for more of a daily use. It’s just sad that Bobbi Brown doesn’t deliver in India, but at least they have opened a stone in India which is great.


My October Vellvette Bag


I know that I’m writing this very late, but was stuck between a 12 hrs. work day and Diwali festivities. I received my October vellvette bag a day before my birthday. It came like a birthday gift.

I love a blue bag and full size samples of shampoo and body wash. I think you really can’t like or dislike a shampoo and a body wash in really small bottles. This beauty bag came with four products

  • Vantiv Moisturizing Shampoo and Vantiv Cool Water Shower gel (Rs. 410)
  • Brocato Actives Hair Infusion Serum (Rs.1275)
  • Florelle True Khol pencil (Rs. 250)

Vantiv Moisturizing Shampoo and Vantiv Cool Water Shower gel

I’m not sure if I will use the shampoo. I was expecting something more exclusive but this is more like any other shampoo you can pick from the store. I might just ask my husband to use it and see if he likes it.

The shower gel I will use for sure but I’m not sure if I like the fragrance, it’s a little strong for my liking.

 Brocato Actives Hair Infusion Serum

I loved the serum. I used it twice and it made my hair feel really soft and smooth. My hair felt as if I went for a hair spa. I think I will buy this product for sure.

Florelle True Khol pencil

When it comes to makeup I do try it really soon. So as soon as I got the khol pencil I did apply. My problem is that I have very oily eyelids, so this khol pencil spread in just an hour. I will try and find a way to use it in a way that it doesn’t spread (maybe when I’m wearing a smoky eye shadow)

What I liked about the bag:

It came a day before my birthday 🙂

I loved the blue bag. I can use it in my office bag or even as a travel bag

– It came with full size products

What I did not like about the bag:

When I opened the bag, one card was completely stuck to the bag. There is something that is sticky and it’s not going away even after I tried cleaning it.