MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection for Summer 2014

MAC Alluring Aquatic


MAC Alluring Aquatic  collection

MAC is finally launching its Alluring Aquatic Collection in India this week. The collection is known for its bronzy colors and amazing packaging.

Packaging is turquoise (unlike the regular black) with water droplets on it. It’s not actual droplets, but looks and feel like droplets.

A sneak peek into the collection:

MAC Alluring Aquatic  Collection eye shadows
MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection eye shadows

Extra Dimension Eye Shadow (Limited Edition)

  • Lorelei Golden beige
  • Sea Worship Tarnished olive
  • Silver Sun Mid-tone dirty sea foam green
  • Legendary Lure Deep cerulean
  • Fathoms Deep Deep blue
  • Soul Serenade Deep plum brown



MAC Alluring Aquatic  lip & eye pencils
MAC Alluring Aquatic lip & eye pencils


MAC Alluring Aquatic  lipsticks
MAC Alluring Aquatic lipsticks

Lipstick (Limited Edition)

  • Siren Song Sheer pale beige (Lustre)
  • Pet Me, Please Light shimmering mauve (Frost)
  • Enchanted One Mid-tone neutral pink (Matte)
  • Mystical Mid-tone creamy rose (Cremesheen)
  • Goddess of the Sea Dark vibrant violet (Cremesheen)


MAC Alluring Aquatic  lip gloss
MAC Alluring Aquatic lip gloss

Lip  gloss (Limited Edition)

  • Clear Water Sheer nude with multidimensional pearl
  • Peachstock Creamy true nude
  • Water Deities Light bronzy pink
  • Seducing Sound Mid-tone plum bronze
  • Modern Lure Deep violet with pink pearl



MAC Alluring Aquatic extra dimension highlighter & Bronzer
MAC Alluring Aquatic extra dimension highlighter & Bronzer

Extra Dimension Bronzer (Limited Edition)

  • Aphrodite’s Shell Golden bronze with a touch of fine shimmer
  • Delphic Soft brick tan with a touch of fine shimmer


MAC Alluring Aquatic  extra dimension blushes
MAC Alluring Aquatic extra dimension blushes

Extra Dimension Blush (Limited Edition)

  • Sea Me, Hear Me Beige pink
  • Seduced at Sea Mid-tone neutral plum




‘Culture Shock – A teenager’s story’ by Aditya Srivastava – Book Review

Culture shock

This book is really special to me. The day I found out that it’s launched I ordered it on Why is this so important to me?? Because it’s written by Aditya who is my nephew. Aditya is a teenager and is a debutant writer.

I will still be very honest and candid about my feedback on the book.

This book is written by a teenager and is about a teenager. It’s one of those books when you start reading you cannot put it down. I loved that it’s written in a very simple language.

It’s about a guy who moves from a big city to a small city in India. All the challenges that he faces in that change. I could relate to all the instances, in fact the entire story.

Having grown up as a kid whose father would move every few years and so I and my sister ended up changing a lot of schools. Every time we moved from one city to another we would lose our old friends and had to make new friends.

I would suggest this book to all the teenagers and also their parents (this will make them understand what their kids go through at a new school).

Overall it’s a good read.

NEUTROGENA Moisture for Combination Skin Oil-Free Review

NEUTROGENA Moisture for Combination Skin Oil-Free

Recently I was searching for a good moisturizer for my skin. Generally people say you should stick to one moisturizer but I’m kind of a gal who likes to try different products. While searching for a moisturizer I spotted a moisturizer that says ‘oil-free’ for ‘combination skin’, that’s it I bought it. I have a combination skin and by the end of the day I feel that it converts to an oily skin. Anyways I can talk on and one about back to business.

NEUTROGENA Moisture for Combination Skin Oil-Free


NEUTROGENA Moisture for Combination Skin Oil-Free

NEUTROGENA Moisture for Combination Skin Oil-Free NEUTROGENA Moisture for Combination Skin Oil-Free

Neutrogena says:

Oil-Free Moisture – Combination Skin

Oil-Free Moisture for Combination Skin is a lightweight, dual-action formula that moisturizes dry areas while it controls oily shine.

First, this dermatologist-tested formula moisturizes where skin is dry, without leaving it oily or shiny. Then, a special oil-absorbing Microsponge® system controls oil and shine in the T-Zone—or wherever else skin is oily.

Skin feels softer, smoother. Has a natural, matte finish throughout the day.

◾ Oil-free

◾ Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores)

◾ Hypoallergenic

◾ Fragrance-free

How to use?

Apply every morning after cleansing. Smooth a pearl-sized amount over your face and neck. Be sure to wear SPF 15 sun protection during the day.


Rs.250 [Indian rupees]

The packaging the product is simple. It comes in a plain white bottle with a pump, which is really convenient to use.

NEUTROGENA Moisture for Combination Skin Oil-Free

The texture of the product is amazing. You just need one pump of the product for your entire face and neck. Going by the amount of product that is used every day, I think it will last me a good 6 months. The product spreads really easily and evenly. When you apply it, at first it feels oily but if you give this product 30 seconds it turns matte. The product gets absorbed really well in the skin which is good

I have been using it as a makeup base as well and it really works well.

NEUTROGENA Moisture for Combination Skin Oil-Free

Love this product and this is something I will like to rebuy when it finishes.

MAC Playland Collection Casual Color Hi Jinks! Review

Hi Jinks!


Hi Jinks!

I bought only one product from this collection. The minute I saw this product at the store I knew I wanted it. I love multipurpose products and this product is something which is both lip and cheek product.

Hi Jinks!

The product is very creamy, blends really well and is very light. It contains vitamin E, which provides a lot of nourishment. The scent is a typical MAC vanilla.

I loved the packaging of the product, it comes in an acrylic transparent pot with a black lid. The shape and size makes it very comfortable for travelling.

The texture is very light, which makes it easy to blend. On application, it’s very creamy and smooth.

Hi Jinks!

The color is Bright Coral and suits the Indian skin tone really well. The coverage is medium but is buildable, it takes a few swipes for the color to show on the lips, but as a blush small amount works really well.

I loved this product more as blush than as a lip products. It stays for almost 6-7 hours as a blush but only 2-3 hours as a lip product.

Hi Jinks!

I’m in love with this product and have been using this every day for the last one week. I use the same product as both lip and cheek color and looks amazing. I wish it comes as a regular range in MAC.

Hi Jinks!

‘Lady You’re Not a Man’ by Apurva Purohit – Book Review

book cover

Beyond makeup I have another hobby which is reading. I read every day without fail, it makes me feel complete. Now every time I read something I will talk about the review of the book so that it helps someone pick up a book that they would like to read.

Recently a friend of mine gave me this book to read. When I looked at the topic I was not sure what to expect, but it turned out that this was one book I could relate to in every chapter. This is about what a working woman should and should not do to be successful. This is written by a very successful woman, the CEO of Radio City 91.9 FM, Apurva Purohit and so I feel that the words should not be ignored. This is her debut book and is a really good read.

It’s a fun book, which takes you through Apurva’s experiences of family-work-life. Her experiences will make you laugh and will make you believe in all the points she is making in the narrative. The book is divided into three parts – Accept, Adapt and Achieve. All the parts talk about the different parts in a woman’s working life.

In this book she urges women to go out and work, fight for their working rights and also necessary amenities to facilitate better working conditions for women. She also urges the women not to take any undue advantage on the account of their gender with regards to any special benefits being given to them. Whether it’s getting a promotion by showing flesh or taking unnecessary long leaves with pregnancy or gynecological medical conditions as reasons.

She also talks about how to manage your husband without affecting your career or work life balance. It may be a bossy husband or lazy husband who is described as ‘TLT’ (Tauliya Lao Types). It’s important for any woman to have a supportive husband to have a good life and a career as well. You are lucky if your husband is already supportive but she says you can always train them to be more supportive.

She also sympathizes with all husbands as they have the social role as the bread earner of the family. She makes us realize that at time we are better off as we can at any point in time leave our jobs and ask our dear husbands to take the complete responsibility of the family.

It’s a fun filled book and a very good read for all working women. I would suggest that you grab a copy now!