‘Lady You’re Not a Man’ by Apurva Purohit – Book Review

book cover

Beyond makeup I have another hobby which is reading. I read every day without fail, it makes me feel complete. Now every time I read something I will talk about the review of the book so that it helps someone pick up a book that they would like to read.

Recently a friend of mine gave me this book to read. When I looked at the topic I was not sure what to expect, but it turned out that this was one book I could relate to in every chapter. This is about what a working woman should and should not do to be successful. This is written by a very successful woman, the CEO of Radio City 91.9 FM, Apurva Purohit and so I feel that the words should not be ignored. This is her debut book and is a really good read.

It’s a fun book, which takes you through Apurva’s experiences of family-work-life. Her experiences will make you laugh and will make you believe in all the points she is making in the narrative. The book is divided into three parts – Accept, Adapt and Achieve. All the parts talk about the different parts in a woman’s working life.

In this book she urges women to go out and work, fight for their working rights and also necessary amenities to facilitate better working conditions for women. She also urges the women not to take any undue advantage on the account of their gender with regards to any special benefits being given to them. Whether it’s getting a promotion by showing flesh or taking unnecessary long leaves with pregnancy or gynecological medical conditions as reasons.

She also talks about how to manage your husband without affecting your career or work life balance. It may be a bossy husband or lazy husband who is described as ‘TLT’ (Tauliya Lao Types). It’s important for any woman to have a supportive husband to have a good life and a career as well. You are lucky if your husband is already supportive but she says you can always train them to be more supportive.

She also sympathizes with all husbands as they have the social role as the bread earner of the family. She makes us realize that at time we are better off as we can at any point in time leave our jobs and ask our dear husbands to take the complete responsibility of the family.

It’s a fun filled book and a very good read for all working women. I would suggest that you grab a copy now!


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