My May 2015 Fab bag

I wait for the time when the fab bag arrives every month. This month I knew it will be late and so I was really patient.

#Mayfabbag is dedicated to Sun, Sand and Sexy. It came is a cool blue and white striped bag.

May 2015 Fab bag

May 2015 Fab bag

There are 4 products in the fab bag, 3 beauty products and an amazing scarf.

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Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bouquet REB07 Lipstick Review

Maybelline recently launched its spring summer collection called ‘rebel bouquet’. The colors are bright pinks, reds and oranges, apt for spring summer.

Price: 450 INR for 3.9g

Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bouquet REB07 Lipstick

What Maybelline says:

Color Sensational presents the NEW Rebel Bouquet collection. A burst of rebellious color!

Super-saturated pigments give fresh-picked pastels a bright kick. Sumptuous feel and enriched with honey nectar. 6 vivacious shades.

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My recent visit to Taj Mahal!!

I recently visited Agra with a few colleagues to visit the Taj Mahal. It was not the first time I was visiting one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Every time I have gone there it just amazes me that a man can do so much for the love of his wife.


Now let me take you to the history of Taj Mahal!!

The amazing monument was made by a man who was head over heels in love with his wife. This guy was he Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, who was married to Mumtaz Mahal.

She was a Persian girl and her name before marriage was Arjumand Banu Begum. In the year 1612, they got married.

Mumtaz Mahal was not only Shah Jahan’s wife but also a friend. They were inseparable. She died in the year 1631 while giving birth to their 14th kid.

It was in the memory of his beloved wife that Shah Jahan built a magnificent monument as a tribute to her, which we today known as the “Taj Mahal”. The construction of Taj Mahal started in the year 1631. Masons, stonecutters, inlayers, carvers, painters, calligraphers, dome-builders and other artisans were requisitioned from the whole of the empire and also from Central Asia and Iran, and it took approximately 22 years to build what we see today. An epitome of love, it made use of the services of 22,000 laborers and 1,000 elephants. The monument was built entirely out of white marble, which was brought in from all over India and central Asia. After an expenditure of approximately 32 million rupees, Taj Mahal was finally completed in the year 1653.

It was soon after the completion of Taj Mahal that Shah Jahan was deposed by his own son Aurangzeb and was put under house arrest at nearby Agra Fort. Shah Jahan, himself also, lies entombed in this mausoleum along with his wife.

I saw it at sun rise and it just takes your breath away. No wonder it’s the one of the Seven Wonders of the World!!



The Twentieth Wife, by Indu Sundaresan – Book Review

It’s been a long time since I have done a book review. I finished this book a couple of weeks back but did not get to reviewing it. The only reason I bought this book was when a friend told me that she saw a book about Mughal history. That’s it, I had to buy it so I ordered it. I’m a big fan of historical fiction. I must say, it’s a book you will like.

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Mehrunnisa, who is the central character of the book is a girl from the 16th century. It’s a time when women were not allowed a lot of things. Mehrunnisa was too intelligent for her times. It’s a story of Salim (Jahangir) and his love Mehrunnisa. It’s about how a simple girl called Mehrunnisa gets the name of Noor Jaha.

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Palladio Herbal Lipstick in Rosey Plum Review

As temperature is going higher every day, I’m wearing less and less makeup. Days I’m at home there is nothing on my skin other than splashes of rose water. On days when I have to go to work, I just wear my MAC studio fix and a tinted lip balm or a moisturizing lipstick.

As we are talking of lipstick, I will be reviewing an herbal lipstick today. Anything natural and herbal always catch my eye.

Product Description:

With luxurious moisture and pigment, this electrifying formula comes in 33 high-fashion shades that are sure to make heads turn. Full-coverage properties keep color in place for hours without drying the lips.

Use alone, or beneath your favorite Palladio lip gloss for added shine.

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