Ways to make your work days happier!!


All of us have those days when we just don’t want to be near our desk, or the day just drags on or you are just no in a mood to deal with your superiors or the assigned task. It could be the hormones or you might just be having a bad day. I have found a few ways to make your low days a little bright.

  1. Identify what is making you unhappy

It’s always good to find out the source of unhappiness. When you identify the source, most of the times it’s easier to just let it go! If it is one of those days when the start of the day was not right, think about how you can prevent that from happening in the future rather than being unhappy about it!

  1. Don’t worry about it, if you can’t control it!

There are a lot of time where the source of unhappiness is out of your control, when it is out of your control why think about it and impact your brain cells!! Just take a step back and realize that you cannot change it and just keep going!

  1. Take a break

Listen to some music, go for a brisk walk, read a funny book or an article, this will give you time to clear your mind and concentrate on the task at hand. Spend most of your time with colleagues who you know are funny or would make you laugh.

  1. Get your posture right

If you are feeling a little drained, straighten your back and push your shoulders back and you may feel instantly revived. Some studies have shown that sitting up straight increases your ability to access positive memories and can make you feel more confident!

  1. Do a tidy up

Organize those papers once and for all, put systems in place to get things done and invest in a sturdy desk tidy to help stow away any papers or pens that might be roaming and ruining your harmonious desk. Once you’ve de-cluttered your work space you might feel a little lighter and happier.

  1. Decorate your desk

A few cheery photos and beautiful organization bits will brighten up your desk and make you actually want to spend time there. There’s nothing worse than sitting at a desk with tones of messy papers and filing strewn across it, so take some time to make it luxurious and enjoy your time at the desk.

These tips always seem to work for me. I’m sure it will be of some help to you as well!! Tell me about your tips to a happier day at work!!


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