My tips to stay healthy with a desk job!!

We generally are on our desk for more than 8 to 9 hours every day. That’s all our stories, we feel it’s a regular job but it does a lot of harm to our bodies. I developed a really bad cervical spondylosis earlier this year which actually was a wakeup call. Since then I have a few tips that have helped me be a little healthier. I’m still not living a completely healthy lifestyle but I’m making a steady progress. Below are a few tips that I follow at work which have helped me. Hope these tips will help you too.


I always start my day with a good stretch. I know doing these movements on the work floor may be a little awkward and so I always go to a corner or washroom to do a few simple stretches. I do these stretches 2 to 3 times a day so that my muscles get some break and it increases blood circulation which makes you work better.


Don’t spend time behind your desk during your break

It is so simple and easy to just have your lunch at your own desk, especially when you don’t feel like socializing with colleagues, but it’s so bad for your body. Go outside for a walk or do something where you don’t have to stare at a screen (so no staring at your phone for an hour as well!) or sit in the same position you are doing all day. You deserve some break time!

Tea time!

Have several small tea breaks with collogues. There is nothing nicer than giving your brain and body a little rest. So have your cup of coffee, green tea, hot chocolate or whatever gives you a little pep in your step, and go fully focused back to work.

Go for a short walk

According to several studies, you should have a little walk every 20 minutes after sitting behind your desk, which means that you need to get up and wander around the office for a little bit approximately 16 times per 8 hours shifts! Make it your own little round in the office, but try to make it different each time, or you might end up being the office weirdo that walks by every 20 minutes.


5 thoughts on “My tips to stay healthy with a desk job!!”

  1. These are some great tip!
    Since my role has changes I am sitting behind my desk more than ever! It has been quite unhealthy and I used to start feeling sluggish very early on in the afternoon.
    I will need to go for more walks and have more excuses for getting off my chair.
    Thanks for sharing!

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