Mistakes You SHOULD Make early in your Career


Every time in see a young girl making the mistakes I made when I started my career, I always have an erg to go and tell her not to make the mistake. However, I always stop myself from doing so, not because I want her to be hurt but to make sure she learns from her mistakes.

You learn more from failure than you do from success. Time did heal all the pain I went through but the learnings did not go away and that is what is important. It’s better to make these mistake sooner in your career than later. I’m glad I made these mistakes and learnt from it! I still make mistakes but I believe that it’s important to learn from them and move on!

Below are a few mistakes that I have learnt from and I hope my learnings will help others as well!!

Making friends at work

All of us have had times when we start thinking that our colleagues are our friends. We’ve all had that moment: sitting with a colleagues, mutually complaining about your jobs or your boss. I have made this mistake just to find out that colleagues are not friends. They are not here to protect you. In this competitive world it’s better to confide in someone who is outside your work and someone who truly cares for you.

Decide that you and your manager are going to be besties.

It’s one thing not to be on good terms with your manager, and quite another to be friends. Your manager can’t be your close friend; we all have a job to do, and sometimes feelings complicate that. Just because she’s asked if you want to go for an after-work drink does not mean that you’re allowed to get drunk and start complaining to her. Learn this lesson before you become a manager yourself and you’ll make life a lot easier!

Involve your office in lots of details of your personal life.

You know when you meet a guy, and it’s just such an amazing story that you can’t wait to tell everyone? Or that fight you had with your parents that you just can’t get off your mind? When you’re young and figuring yourself out, it makes sense that you share those details with your coworkers; the kind of people who are also 22, and get you. But after a few years in an industry you’ll start building a reputation for yourself…and that reputation will be built in part around your professional demeanor. You don’t want to be fodder for gossip when you’re 30, so please—run wild until then! Tell all your friends about your weird roommate escapades or getting lost on the subway; those stories are great coming from an intern! (But can you imagine if they were told by a boss?)


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