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A few tips for all my career friends!!

Every time I meet someone senior or a mentor or at times when I read about what I should do to be good at what I do; or let me be real, to be more successful, I always write it down somewhere. As the last year went by and I looked at all the notes I had made in my blue book (This year it is pink), I could easily categorize them into buckets. I thought it will be a good idea to share what I had learnt last year as ‘Sharing is caring’!

Don’t expect from others –

It’s nice when someone helps us, gives us an advice but if we start expecting that they will help us to our path of dreams. The problem with expecting help on your way to the top is that you will be disappointed often, and you might even feel like you don’t have to push yourself because someone will come along and help you out. It’s best to accept any help with gratitude, but don’t expect it.

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Mistakes You SHOULD Make early in your Career


Every time in see a young girl making the mistakes I made when I started my career, I always have an erg to go and tell her not to make the mistake. However, I always stop myself from doing so, not because I want her to be hurt but to make sure she learns from her mistakes.

You learn more from failure than you do from success. Time did heal all the pain I went through but the learnings did not go away and that is what is important. It’s better to make these mistake sooner in your career than later. I’m glad I made these mistakes and learnt from it! I still make mistakes but I believe that it’s important to learn from them and move on!

Below are a few mistakes that I have learnt from and I hope my learnings will help others as well!!

Making friends at work

All of us have had times when we start thinking that our colleagues are our friends. We’ve all had that moment: sitting with a colleagues, mutually complaining about your jobs or your boss. I have made this mistake just to find out that colleagues are not friends. They are not here to protect you. In this competitive world it’s better to confide in someone who is outside your work and someone who truly cares for you.

Decide that you and your manager are going to be besties.

It’s one thing not to be on good terms with your manager, and quite another to be friends. Your manager can’t be your close friend; we all have a job to do, and sometimes feelings complicate that. Just because she’s asked if you want to go for an after-work drink does not mean that you’re allowed to get drunk and start complaining to her. Learn this lesson before you become a manager yourself and you’ll make life a lot easier!

Involve your office in lots of details of your personal life.

You know when you meet a guy, and it’s just such an amazing story that you can’t wait to tell everyone? Or that fight you had with your parents that you just can’t get off your mind? When you’re young and figuring yourself out, it makes sense that you share those details with your coworkers; the kind of people who are also 22, and get you. But after a few years in an industry you’ll start building a reputation for yourself…and that reputation will be built in part around your professional demeanor. You don’t want to be fodder for gossip when you’re 30, so please—run wild until then! Tell all your friends about your weird roommate escapades or getting lost on the subway; those stories are great coming from an intern! (But can you imagine if they were told by a boss?)

My tips to stay healthy with a desk job!!

We generally are on our desk for more than 8 to 9 hours every day. That’s all our stories, we feel it’s a regular job but it does a lot of harm to our bodies. I developed a really bad cervical spondylosis earlier this year which actually was a wakeup call. Since then I have a few tips that have helped me be a little healthier. I’m still not living a completely healthy lifestyle but I’m making a steady progress. Below are a few tips that I follow at work which have helped me. Hope these tips will help you too.


I always start my day with a good stretch. I know doing these movements on the work floor may be a little awkward and so I always go to a corner or washroom to do a few simple stretches. I do these stretches 2 to 3 times a day so that my muscles get some break and it increases blood circulation which makes you work better.


Don’t spend time behind your desk during your break

It is so simple and easy to just have your lunch at your own desk, especially when you don’t feel like socializing with colleagues, but it’s so bad for your body. Go outside for a walk or do something where you don’t have to stare at a screen (so no staring at your phone for an hour as well!) or sit in the same position you are doing all day. You deserve some break time!

Tea time!

Have several small tea breaks with collogues. There is nothing nicer than giving your brain and body a little rest. So have your cup of coffee, green tea, hot chocolate or whatever gives you a little pep in your step, and go fully focused back to work.

Go for a short walk

According to several studies, you should have a little walk every 20 minutes after sitting behind your desk, which means that you need to get up and wander around the office for a little bit approximately 16 times per 8 hours shifts! Make it your own little round in the office, but try to make it different each time, or you might end up being the office weirdo that walks by every 20 minutes.

Few things to do to help make your work day more fun!

I have not met anyone till now who says they are excited about Monday mornings and getting to work. You like your work or you do not like it; work is still work and will always be! I have discovered a few tricks that make my work day more fun! And will make you someone people like coming and meeting and will just overall make you more sane and enjoyable person at work.

Have a to do list and create your own weekly goals –

Completing what you are supposed to do give a great boost of motivation. I always write what I want to achieve during the week on Mondays and also have a daily to do list. As and when I complete the tasks I keep checking it and so when you look at the list during the day you will feel much better and you will get more done as you are more organized.

Stretch & move!

We keep sitting on our chairs in the same position for hours which reduces blood circulation in the body and makes you lethargic. Take regular breaks and stretch your arms and legs as often as possible. This will not only increase the blood circulation but will also make you more attentive and active.

Celebrate for no reason –

I do this often. Organize informal gathering, coffee outings with your teams and peers as well. This way you not only get to know your team members better and also it’s a good break from everyday tasks.

Do one good deed in a day!

Doing a favor for someone, helping someone will make you feel really nice at the end of the day. It could be helping get a cup of coffee for a colleague who is super busy or going an extra mile for a client. You not only feel happy but will also make more friends and well-wishers. It’s a complete win-win!!

Lunch like a queen!!

I’m no less than royalty!!

Lunch time should be your new me time. Don’t just eat lunch on your desk, go out to the cafeteria or a nice quite place and eat a proper lunch.

Many Computers make light work!

If you have loads to do, ask for help. It’s not a sign of weakness. We are humans and we can only get so much done, find someone who knows the stuff and can help you or someone who knows how to complete the task in a shortcut. You may find that your colleague hasn’t got much on and is happy to give you a hand or someone knows an easier way of tackling your tasks.

Compliment everyone and yourself –

Each day, make a list of five positive points about yourself – from your assertiveness in yesterday’s meeting to your hair style today. Starting the day off on a positive note can really change your perspective and attitude at work. If you like someone’s work or cloths or in general how they look, don’t ever hesitate to complement. It will just make the entire atmosphere happier!!



Ways to make your work days happier!!


All of us have those days when we just don’t want to be near our desk, or the day just drags on or you are just no in a mood to deal with your superiors or the assigned task. It could be the hormones or you might just be having a bad day. I have found a few ways to make your low days a little bright.

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