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Diwali Celebration at work!!

Coimbatore silk saree

Diwali generally comes with a lot of celebrations and one common thing that happens across all organizations is ethnic day. All the girls specially come in their festive best. You can see sarees from all regions and will know exactly what is in fashion.

This time I wore a Coimbatore silk saree. I bought this during our trip to Coimbatore. Coimbatore is known from their textiles, especially weaves. The weavers in the city of Coimbatore are known for their fabulous and fantastic dyeing and weaving capabilities.

Coimbatore silk saree Coimbatore silk saree

I wore a black, grey, red and gold combination saree. I know there are a lot of colors but the way all these colors have come together it makes the saree look really elegant and unique.

I paired it with a string of black pearls. If you are living at Hyderabad you will have best of pearls

Black Pearls

I would like to wish all of you a very Happy and a Prosperous Diwali!!

Coimbatore silk saree


What I wore for Karwachauth!! Dress and makeup!


Karwachauth is a daylong festival which is celebrated by Hindu women, basically from North India for the long and prosperous life of their husband and the well-being of their families. Women wake up before the sunrise and eat Sargi (basically 7 different type of food items) which is given by their mother-in-law. The fast begins at dawn. Fasting women do not eat or drink anything during the day. They dress up like brides and perform prayers and then eat at moon rise after offering prayers to the moon.

I generally like to wear really bright outfit for Karachauth. This time I wore a simple but elegant red and green lengha (Lengha is an outfit which has a long skirt, a top and a stole).

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Another addition to my chain collection!


chainI have been in love with jewelry lately. I was not a big fan of wearing jewelry but there are a few pieces that just make you fall in love!!

I bought this beautiful silver chain with pearl. The chain is adjustable so you can adjust the length as per your liking and outfit.

I wore it yesterday to work and received loads of compliments!

I bought this from the amazing Pooja from Isityellow. Please visit her page on Facebook and make sure you all ‘like’ her page.

My favorite piece of Jewelry – An amazing chain!!!!

I have been in love with this beautiful chain since I have received this piece from Pooja from Isityellow. It’s a gold colored layered chain necklace. It is delicate and can be paired with almost all outfits. I have worn this more than any chain that I own.

Please visit Pooja’s page Is It Yellow on Facebook and make sure you all ‘like’ her page.

Mid-week surprise! New jewelry!!!

This week so far has been really hectic and stressful but if we get a package in your mailbox with some amazing jewelry it just calms me down. I had ordered some jewelry from an amazing girl Pooja from Isityellow. Please visit her page on Facebook and make sure you all ‘like’ her page.

I ordered rings and they are gorgeous.

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