My March 2016 Fab Bag


I came home to see the March Fab bag sitting on my table. It’s a great feeling, I was talking with a friend and she said that Fab bag is like a gift to yourself, which is so true. Every time I receive the fab bag, I get really excited.

This month the Fab bag is celebrating ‘Women’s day’. The bag itself is a metallic silver in color and comes with 1 full size product and 4 samples.

–         Sugar Cosmetics It’s A-Pout Time! Vivid Lipstick in Mag Magenta – (Full Size Rs. 599)

–         Nykaa Nail Enamel – Strawberries n Cream (Rs. 149 for 10 ml)

–         Wella Professionals – Elements Renewing Mask (Rs. 1075 for 50ml)

–         Wella Professionals – Elements Renewing Shampoo (Rs. 975 for 250ml)

–         Suganda Neem Green Tea Plant Mask (Rs. 900 for 60ml)

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The Bestseller She Wrote, by Ravi Subramanian – Book Review


There are times when I buy a book just looking at the name of the author. The entire concept of familiarity and also the fact that somewhere I know that I will like the book. The same happened with this one. I have read almost all the books by Ravi Subramanian and have loved most of them, actually all of them.

The Bestseller She Wrote is a story of a banker turned author, Aditya, who loves attention and limelight. He is married to Maya and has a 6 year old son.   He meets a girl, Shreya, during a speech at IIM Bangalore and then also gets a chance to meet her again at a book launch. Shreya is an avid reader and aspires to be an author. She feels that Indian authors are no good till she reads Aditya’s books.  Aditya gets attracted to her and pulls strings to hire her in the bank as a part of campus placement and eventually falls in love with her. The story moves on and a few characters like Sanjay, who is Aditya’s friend gets added.

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Menaka’s Choice by Kavita Kane – Book Review


Kavita Kane is an author who writes about the less spoken about women in Indian mythology. In her latest book she speaks about Menaka, an apsara, who is a strong, beautiful, smart, talented, warm, caring woman.

I’ll be honest, the only thing I knew about Menaka before I read this book was that she was sent by Indra, the King of Gods to seduce and disturb Vishwamitra’s penance. Vishwamitra, who was an ambitious king and later took to the path of becoming a sage to become the Brahmarishi. This book was an eye opener. It made me more knowledgeable about the celestial beings called the Apsara.

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My Envy Box February 2016

There are a few things which make people jump up and down with excitement, even when they are down with fever and for me it is anything to do with beauty. I just received my first Envy box.  I don’t know what took me so long to subscribe for one.

Envy Box February 2016

The February edition of My Envy Box is in collaboration with one of the luxury Ayurveda brands – Forest Essentials. Forest Essentials is celebrating their 15th anniversary in India. The box has 5 sample products from the brand.

The box in itself is very beautiful. It’s a white box with watercolor peacock motif on the top which is absolutely stunning. There are 5 travel size samples in the box.


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