My October Vellvette Bag


I know that I’m writing this very late, but was stuck between a 12 hrs. work day and Diwali festivities. I received my October vellvette bag a day before my birthday. It came like a birthday gift.

I love a blue bag and full size samples of shampoo and body wash. I think you really can’t like or dislike a shampoo and a body wash in really small bottles. This beauty bag came with four products

  • Vantiv Moisturizing Shampoo and Vantiv Cool Water Shower gel (Rs. 410)
  • Brocato Actives Hair Infusion Serum (Rs.1275)
  • Florelle True Khol pencil (Rs. 250)

Vantiv Moisturizing Shampoo and Vantiv Cool Water Shower gel

I’m not sure if I will use the shampoo. I was expecting something more exclusive but this is more like any other shampoo you can pick from the store. I might just ask my husband to use it and see if he likes it.

The shower gel I will use for sure but I’m not sure if I like the fragrance, it’s a little strong for my liking.

 Brocato Actives Hair Infusion Serum

I loved the serum. I used it twice and it made my hair feel really soft and smooth. My hair felt as if I went for a hair spa. I think I will buy this product for sure.

Florelle True Khol pencil

When it comes to makeup I do try it really soon. So as soon as I got the khol pencil I did apply. My problem is that I have very oily eyelids, so this khol pencil spread in just an hour. I will try and find a way to use it in a way that it doesn’t spread (maybe when I’m wearing a smoky eye shadow)

What I liked about the bag:

It came a day before my birthday 🙂

I loved the blue bag. I can use it in my office bag or even as a travel bag

– It came with full size products

What I did not like about the bag:

When I opened the bag, one card was completely stuck to the bag. There is something that is sticky and it’s not going away even after I tried cleaning it.


My first Vellvette box

Vellvette box
Vellvette box

Today after a long day at work I reached home to see an amazing surprise waiting for me at home. My first Vellvette box!!  I was suddenly not feeling tired..what else does amakeup freak need J

September was their first anniversary month and so they added a nice pink and white polka dot pouch, which is really cute.

The Vellvette box/bag had 4 products in total, which I still have to try and so the detailed reviews will follow.

– Coconut Crème Body Wash by ‘The Nature’s co.’ (Full size prize (250ml) – Rs. 875) –  – I tried a little on my arms, it’s very creamy, I did not need a moisturizer after using it (I have a dry skin on my arms and legs) and so it felt nice. I’m not sure how will it be after 1 or 2 uses.

Coconut Crème Body Wash by ‘The Nature’s co.’
Coconut Crème Body Wash by ‘The Nature’s co.’

–  Eye Shadow Palette – Naked by ‘beauty uk’ ((Full size prize – Rs. 600) – I’m a big fan of naked eye colors, also because that’s the most used palette.  I tried a little swatch and it feels much pigmented and at the same time it’s somewhere between a powder and cream. Till I use it on my eyelids I will not know how the colors stay on the lids. I have a problem where my eye shadows crease within a few hours, especially powder once.

Eye Shadow Palette – Naked by ‘beauty uk’

– Sally Hansen – Miracle Cure for severe problem nails (Full size prize (13.5ml) – Rs. 675)  – I looked at the product and thought, how did they read my mind! Recently I have had an issue with brittle nails and while browsing the internet came across this product and was almost about to order. I will only know only after a few uses.

Sally Hansen – Miracle Cure for severe problem nails

– Compact Brush – very cute brush that I can use in my handbag. It has a brush and also a small pop-up brush.

Compact Brush

Yummy Pasta Vegetable Soup

Veg Pasta SoupPast few weeks have been really hectic at work and after a long day at work you want something comforting. For me there is nothing as comforting as a nice hot soup. After one of these hectic day I made a pasta soup (wanted to make something else, ended up making a soupJ ). I posted the picture of the soup on facebook and got a lot of questions on the recipe, so thought it will be a good idea to share the recipe. Here it goes:


1 large finely chopped onion

4-5 garlic cloves

2 spoon Oil

1 small cube of butter

1 cup Pasta (any is fine)

1 cup finely chopped beans

1 cup finely chopped carrots

1 cup finely chopped bell peppers (I mixed all 3 colors)

2 spoon full of chilli sauce and tomato sauce

1 soup cube

Salt and pepper to taste

2 to 3 Table spoons of corn flour

1.5 liters of water


– In a pan put some oil and butter(butter doesn’t burn when put with oil)

– Chop garlic and put it in the pan

– Sauté onions till transparent

– Add pasta and all chopped vegetables

-Add the soup cube and 1.5 liter of water

– Let it boil till pasta is cooked

– Take 2 table spoon corn flour and add this mix to the soup (this will thicken the soup, in case you need the soup to be more thick please add a little more corn flour)

– Add salt and pepper to taste

– Add chilli sauce and tomato sauce

– Give it one boil and it’s done J

It’s really healthy and taste’s amazing!!

Ooty trip and new all natural beauty products!!

July was a fun month!! I saw my parents after a long time and we all went for a road trip together. Much needed break after 6 months of hard working without any leave.

We all started from Hyderabad at 6am on the 11th July morning and reached Mysore at 4pm the same day (we took a few stops on the way). We checked-in at the hotel and decided to visit the Vrindavan Gardens at Mysore. It is a beautiful garden and has a musical fountain. The next day we saw the very famous Mysore Palace. It is a very beautiful palace. I would recommend, when you visit the palace make sure you have atleast 4 hrs. to see everything that it has to offer. I love history and so I completely loved it. I was awe struck by the workmanship and the intricate designs and paintings.

The entire time we were at Mysore I kept insisting on visiting Cauvery emporium. I had to buy the Sandalwood face pack. I had this face pack around 10 yrs. back and was my savior while I was down with chicken pox. I applied it every day after the spots fell off and believe me, I had no marks at all. In a month, nobody could tell I had chickenpox. I completely love the pack. I tried in Bangalore, a number of times but could not find it. As soon as we finished the trip to the palace, we went straight to the emporium and bought my face mask.

We started the same afternoon for Ooty. From Mysore to Ooty is a beautiful drive, sunflower fields on both sides of the road as soon as you start from Mysore and then you enter the Bandipur national park areas. You can easily sopt deers, wild boars, peacocks, monkeys, bison and if you are lucky(which we were), you can also spot a wild elephant.

Sun flower field




We reached Coonoor (it’s a couple of kms. Ahead of Ooty), that’s where my sister and her husband are currently living at around 5pm. What a beautiful place to live!!!

The entire trip was amazing, lots of places to visit and amazing eating joints. You can’t miss the home made chocolates. I will not talk about all the details, but if any of you want the details of the trip let me know.
There is a shop called Greens at Upper Coonoor which has a lot of organic stuff, cloths, spices, honey and most important beauty products, though not many. I bought a pack of different flavor honey, a honey and bees wax lip balm and apricot scrub powder.

When you are in the nilgiris and you don’t buy tea; will be unfair. So, we bought tea from a small shop in Upper Coonoor (sorry forgot the name of the shop). The owner of the shop himself is a tea taster and so he suggested some of the best as per our taste buds. I love green tea, so he suggested I try something called as ‘white tea’, sound weird, heard it for the first time. I had a similar reaction when I heard it too. He told me that this tea contains the most antioxidants. I had to buy this and so bought a small pack of it (its expensive 500Rs for 50gms). I love’s now my daily cup in the morning and also before bed. Below is the link if you want more info about white tea – While we were looking for tea he showed us some other good stuff like Papaya mask and Aloe Vera gel. Though I had heard a lot about both these things with regards to skin I had never tried the packed version of it and so I had to buy both these things. We also bought a few oils from the same shop.


Heena Oil – I have a bad migraine. My sister told me about the oil. I can do anything that takes the headache away and so I bought it. I recently tried it and OHHHH MYYYY GGGOODD.. headache was gone in no time. I love this oil.

Organic Eucalyptus oil is an antiseptic and till now I haven’t gotten a chance to use this oil.

Winter green oil – It’s good for pains and strains. I used it for the first time today and felt a relief. I have to try it a couple of times to actually give a better review.

Now a review on all the products I bought and I will start from my favorite.
Organic beauty products

– Honey and Bees wax lip balm – it’s very light, high on moisture. It feels like a lighter version of Vaseline. I have been using it for the past 1 week. I now use a lip pencil and fill my lips roughly and then apply the lip balm. It looks stunning! I have received a lot of compliments lately!

– Sandalwood face pack – I feel in love with this 10 yrs back. Recently I have been using this almost every alternate date. It doesn’t dry my skin. I have been using this for the past 15 days and I have been noticing that my skin tone has improved, a lot of spot marks have lighten.

– Apricot scrub powder – It’s a powder and you can mix it with milk, cream, water, rose water, honey.. Whatever you can get your hands on!! I tried it on my face as soon as I missed it with milk, it was a little too rough but was good on my body. The next time I had to use it I mixed it with honey and forgot about it for an hour. When I used it after an hour of mixing it was very gentle on my face as well and too gentle on my body. I’m getting use to it.. As it is natural, I think it’s better for the skin!

– Aloe Vera gel – I have always used a gel from the plant which is a little cumbersome. This gel out of the jar is easy and convenient to use. I like the consistency and it gets dissolved in the skin like a miracle.

– Papaya face pack – My mom always use to tell me that papaya is great for a glowing skin, eat it and apply it on the face!! I find applying papaya on the face really grose. I tried this face pack. My skin felt great after every time. I have used it only twice and every time I used it I felt good.

I would recommend that everyone who goes to Ooty/Mysore should try these products.

My Current Favorite lipstick

MAC Fast Play
MAC Fast Play

I’m a complete lipstick freak. I love wear lipsticks most of the time. Since I have a regular 9-5 job, I generally stick to neutral shades while I’m at work. I generally look for a full coverage lipstick and my latest love to wear to work is my MAC Fast Play. It is a pink lip color with a little brown undertone which works perfect to my skin tone. I think this is a lip color which will work well with fair to medium skin tone.

This color is from the Amplified crème texture lipstick range from MAC. I need moisturize and also full coverage and hence this works the best for me. It stays for almost 4 hrs and leaves a stain behind which I personally like. I know there are people who do not like the stain. Instead of reapplying the lipstick I apply a lip-gloss(nothing special, anything that I can apply between 2 meetings ).

I rate this texture a complete 5/5 and will definitely go back to buy another shade.

About all the things that add color and sparkle in my life!!!

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