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Friday FOTD – Green eyeliner and nude lips

Friday to me is one of the more relaxed day of the week. I generally don’t do my regular all steps with regards to makeup. I try to keep it simple with emphasis on either my lips or eyes. I do not do much with skin and keep it more nature and let my spots show a little.

Today I decided to wear a green eyeliner to go with my shirt. I also feel that green eyeliner looks really good for brown eyes. Below is what I did to achieve the look.

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MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection – ‘Sea Me, Hear Me’ blush Review

‘Sea Me, Hear Me’ blush

‘Sea Me, Hear Me’ blush

I’m going to review a beautiful blush from the MAC Alluring Aquatic collection called ‘Sea Me, Hear Me’. It’s a gem and I’m completely in love with it!! Not many people liked this blush but I completely fell in love with it!

‘Sea Me, Hear Me’ blush

‘Sea Me, Hear Me’ blush

The packaging is outstanding, it’s actually the biggest selling point of the collection. It comes in a metallic teal packaging with water droplet details on it.

This is the first extra dimension product that I’m trying from MAC. The surface of the blush has a beautiful wave-like pattern with the brand name engraved on the surface.

‘Sea Me, Hear Me’ blush ‘Sea Me, Hear Me’ blush

The texture of the product is really smooth and silky. The color is sheer but is buildable. The product is easy to blend and doesn’t feel powdery at all. The product leaves a slight sheen on the skin. The color looks amazing on fair to medium skin tone.

‘Sea Me, Hear Me’ blush

The product stays for a good 6-8hrs before it starts fading.

The shade Sea Me, Hear me is a described as “beige pink” by MAC. It’s a nice natural rosy pink brown shade that looks really natural on my medium skin. It’s a perfect natural blush for me and that’s what I love!

DSC_0829 DSC_0828

The color and the formula is perfect! And is highly recommended!!