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‘Culture Shock – A teenager’s story’ by Aditya Srivastava – Book Review

Culture shock

This book is really special to me. The day I found out that it’s launched I ordered it on www.flipkart.com. Why is this so important to me?? Because it’s written by Aditya who is my nephew. Aditya is a teenager and is a debutant writer.

I will still be very honest and candid about my feedback on the book.

This book is written by a teenager and is about a teenager. It’s one of those books when you start reading you cannot put it down. I loved that it’s written in a very simple language.

It’s about a guy who moves from a big city to a small city in India. All the challenges that he faces in that change. I could relate to all the instances, in fact the entire story.

Having grown up as a kid whose father would move every few years and so I and my sister ended up changing a lot of schools. Every time we moved from one city to another we would lose our old friends and had to make new friends.

I would suggest this book to all the teenagers and also their parents (this will make them understand what their kids go through at a new school).

Overall it’s a good read.