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A few tips for all my career friends!!

Every time I meet someone senior or a mentor or at times when I read about what I should do to be good at what I do; or let me be real, to be more successful, I always write it down somewhere. As the last year went by and I looked at all the notes I had made in my blue book (This year it is pink), I could easily categorize them into buckets. I thought it will be a good idea to share what I had learnt last year as ‘Sharing is caring’!

Don’t expect from others –

It’s nice when someone helps us, gives us an advice but if we start expecting that they will help us to our path of dreams. The problem with expecting help on your way to the top is that you will be disappointed often, and you might even feel like you don’t have to push yourself because someone will come along and help you out. It’s best to accept any help with gratitude, but don’t expect it.

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