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My October Vellvette Bag


I know that I’m writing this very late, but was stuck between a 12 hrs. work day and Diwali festivities. I received my October vellvette bag a day before my birthday. It came like a birthday gift.

I love a blue bag and full size samples of shampoo and body wash. I think you really can’t like or dislike a shampoo and a body wash in really small bottles. This beauty bag came with four products

  • Vantiv Moisturizing Shampoo and Vantiv Cool Water Shower gel (Rs. 410)
  • Brocato Actives Hair Infusion Serum (Rs.1275)
  • Florelle True Khol pencil (Rs. 250)

Vantiv Moisturizing Shampoo and Vantiv Cool Water Shower gel

I’m not sure if I will use the shampoo. I was expecting something more exclusive but this is more like any other shampoo you can pick from the store. I might just ask my husband to use it and see if he likes it.

The shower gel I will use for sure but I’m not sure if I like the fragrance, it’s a little strong for my liking.

 Brocato Actives Hair Infusion Serum

I loved the serum. I used it twice and it made my hair feel really soft and smooth. My hair felt as if I went for a hair spa. I think I will buy this product for sure.

Florelle True Khol pencil

When it comes to makeup I do try it really soon. So as soon as I got the khol pencil I did apply. My problem is that I have very oily eyelids, so this khol pencil spread in just an hour. I will try and find a way to use it in a way that it doesn’t spread (maybe when I’m wearing a smoky eye shadow)

What I liked about the bag:

It came a day before my birthday 🙂

I loved the blue bag. I can use it in my office bag or even as a travel bag

– It came with full size products

What I did not like about the bag:

When I opened the bag, one card was completely stuck to the bag. There is something that is sticky and it’s not going away even after I tried cleaning it.


My first Vellvette box

Vellvette box
Vellvette box

Today after a long day at work I reached home to see an amazing surprise waiting for me at home. My first Vellvette box!!  I was suddenly not feeling tired..what else does amakeup freak need J

September was their first anniversary month and so they added a nice pink and white polka dot pouch, which is really cute.

The Vellvette box/bag had 4 products in total, which I still have to try and so the detailed reviews will follow.

– Coconut Crème Body Wash by ‘The Nature’s co.’ (Full size prize (250ml) – Rs. 875) –  – I tried a little on my arms, it’s very creamy, I did not need a moisturizer after using it (I have a dry skin on my arms and legs) and so it felt nice. I’m not sure how will it be after 1 or 2 uses.

Coconut Crème Body Wash by ‘The Nature’s co.’
Coconut Crème Body Wash by ‘The Nature’s co.’

–  Eye Shadow Palette – Naked by ‘beauty uk’ ((Full size prize – Rs. 600) – I’m a big fan of naked eye colors, also because that’s the most used palette.  I tried a little swatch and it feels much pigmented and at the same time it’s somewhere between a powder and cream. Till I use it on my eyelids I will not know how the colors stay on the lids. I have a problem where my eye shadows crease within a few hours, especially powder once.

Eye Shadow Palette – Naked by ‘beauty uk’

– Sally Hansen – Miracle Cure for severe problem nails (Full size prize (13.5ml) – Rs. 675)  – I looked at the product and thought, how did they read my mind! Recently I have had an issue with brittle nails and while browsing the internet came across this product and was almost about to order. I will only know only after a few uses.

Sally Hansen – Miracle Cure for severe problem nails

– Compact Brush – very cute brush that I can use in my handbag. It has a brush and also a small pop-up brush.

Compact Brush