Benefit Cosmetics Hervana Blush

Hervana Blush

I recently got my Hervana blush from Benefit cosmetics. I saw it on internet and loved the colors. I had to get it. we do not get Benefit products in India, so asked a friend who was travelling from the US to get it for me. I had to get this blush as I’m someone who loves blushes and I like the natural flush.

Colors were also good especially for people like me who love to be natural. There are four colors shell/peach/rose/berry and are in a swirl pattern. You can use the color individually or can just swirl the brush and the colors comes out really natural. It’s not very pigmented which I really like. You can work on the pigment by adding another layer.

Hervana Blush

I love the packaging but it’s good on my dresser, I cannot travel with it as it’s a little bulky. I love the brush it comes with and also the small mirror which makes it really cute.

The finish is not really satin but it does have a little bit of sheen when you apply. It’s not really glittery or sparkly but for me it’s more like an everyday natural blush. I’m in love with this Blush!!!


My first Hair spa

Saturday was dedicated to relaxation, head to toe. I went to my favorite spa at Hyderabad –  Mirrors at Madhapur(

I had never gotten a hair spa done ever before, so I decided that I should try. My hair has not been behaving recently. The ends have become really dry and lifeless. One of my friend suggested that I should get a hair spa and I thought why not!

I had an amazing experience. It was really relaxing. 45mins. of bliss!! Completely loved it! My hair fell much better. It feels that they suddenly got new life.

They apply something on the hair followed by a nice head and shoulder massage, a hot towel is rapped for some time and then they wash off the product. All the products they used were from L’Oreal.

The team at Mirrors is really good, they give you personalized experience every time you go. I would recommend Mirrors to my friend at Hyderabad. It’s a lovely spa!