Menaka’s Choice by Kavita Kane – Book Review


Kavita Kane is an author who writes about the less spoken about women in Indian mythology. In her latest book she speaks about Menaka, an apsara, who is a strong, beautiful, smart, talented, warm, caring woman.

I’ll be honest, the only thing I knew about Menaka before I read this book was that she was sent by Indra, the King of Gods to seduce and disturb Vishwamitra’s penance. Vishwamitra, who was an ambitious king and later took to the path of becoming a sage to become the Brahmarishi. This book was an eye opener. It made me more knowledgeable about the celestial beings called the Apsara.

The book starts with describing how Vishwamitra was born and all that went about before his birth. His rivelry with Rishi Vasishta, which was the reason for him to become a sage from an ambitious and ruthless king. This book was an eye open for me. We were always told that sages were flawless, Godlike humans. The depiction of Vishwamitra is amazing. Despite of all his flaws, you can easily start to admire him.

The story is of Menaka, who was sent by Indra to disturb Vishwamitra’s penance as Vishwamitra had become really strong. Menaka and Vishwamitra fall in love, get married and have a daughter named Shakuntala. The way the relationship and individual characters are described is amazing.

I really loved the way Indra is described in the book. A guy who is really insecure and can do anything to keep his throne.

Overall, this is a story of rivalry, betrayal, love and redemption. A story of how a celestial being falls in love with a human. This is definitely a must read book, especially for people like me who like books with strong woman as the main protagonist. I feel Kavita has outdone herself with this book.


This review is an honest review and the copy was not provided by anyone.


2 thoughts on “Menaka’s Choice by Kavita Kane – Book Review”

  1. I would realy want to read such books about women. Basically the whole act of having a love child and abandoning is disturbing to me still I want to read others perpspective. Nice review

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