FabIndia Aloe Vera Under Eye Gel Review

FabIndia Aloe Vera Under Eye Gel


I was looking for an eye gel and while window shopping I just happen to enter the Fab India store. I saw their skin care range and since I love all natural products I picked up the eye gel.

Fab India has testers of all their skin care products. So I tested the gel on my hand. The gel penetrated the skin in no time.

It is a clear gel and when you actually touch it you feel how think is the consistency of the gel.

Priced at Rs 125 for 25ml


FabIndia Aloe Vera Under Eye Gel



FabIndia Aloe Vera Under Eye Gel   .


Company Claim: This unique formula contains aloe vera gel that reduces puffiness and revives tired looking eyes. Regular use helps reduce dark circles and prevents wrinkles.


FabIndia Aloe Vera Under Eye Gel


I bought it and tried it the same night after my regular cleansing I applied the Fab India eye gel around my eyes. In no time the area where I had applied the gel stated burning and it sting my eye really bad.


I have heard some good reviews about the product but I guess it just did not work with me.


I definitely will not recommend this to anyone. Don’t buy it till you actually try in on your facial skin.